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What is a Virtual Internship?

Call it what you will: Remote Internship, Virtual Internship, Online Internship, Tele-working, Telecommuting, it all means the same thing: you will be completing your internship without a commute and directly from your own laptop!

Remote internships mean that you can work with companies across the country or globe to support a myriad of projects ranging from basic social media support to full business projects, website designs, market reports, financial assessments, usability testing code, and much much more. 

When completing a remote internship many of the same aspects of a traditional in-person internship still exist including, meetings with your supervisor or teammates, completing a mix of individual and group projects, and learning about the overall company culture and industry it works in. 

Master remote working while adding international experience to your resume.

Remote work isn’t the future way global business will function – it’s the present. With a virtual internship , work on projects for an international organization from your home base while adding a global perspective to your professional work experience.

Apply your in-class knowledge to real-world projects, gain hands-on experience, expand your skill base, and learn what it’s like to work remotely across time zones and cultures. Although not a substitute for a traditional on-site experience, virtual internships can serve as an important stepping stone to build up your skills, resume, and cross-cultural understanding – a great foundation for future internships on site.

Gain international experience without leaving your home

Earn a Working Virtually Across Cultures digital credential

Regular check-ins and support from your Site Director

Structured seminars to build professional skills and support the possibility of home school credit

The Experience

Once you apply and submit your  deposit, you’ll have a Skype interview with your Gipep Abroad Program Enrollment Coordinator to learn more about your work experience and goals so we can start looking for the best-fit internship placement for you. We’ll also make sure you get pre-departure support to ensure you’re feeling great about your virtual experience. 

Online seminars are a core part of your virtual internship. Gipep Abroad teaching assistants, under the supervision of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, provide ongoing support, guidance, and reflection sessions that help you understand your work experience in a cross-cultural context.


Submit your application and start working with your Admission coordinator . You will have an interview so they can learn about your career goals, educational background, and preferences to ensure that you are a good candidate for a virtual internship.

Once your interview and application are complete, your Admissions coordinator will determine if we can accept you into the program. If accepted, this means we guarantee you a virtual internship within your career field.

Next step is to simply enroll in the program by paying the full tuition to secure your spot. Enrolling means you have officially decided to join the gipep program and take on the challenge of a virtual international internship!

You will have an interview with one of  our coordinator
Before you are matched with an employer, you will work one-on-one with your Program Advisor. They will help you with professional development, career advising, the Strengths assessment, and best-practices for a virtual internship.

We will start the matchmaking process and narrow down an employer for which you would be a great fit. You’ll have a Skype or phone interview to confirm it’s a great match for everyone, and if all goes well, your internship is confirmed!

Start your internship on your confirmed start date. The beauty of a virtual internship is that you can work from anywhere! 


Career Fields Available

Don’t see your career field? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Apply below and speak with an Admissions Counselor for more information!




Graphic Designs

Social Media




Session and cost

Sessions Length Full program tuition Apply now
Summer 2020 6-8 weeks $1095 USD Apply now
Summer 2020 12 weeks $1495 USD Apply now
Fall 2020 6-8 weeks $1095 USD Apply now
Fall 2020 12 weeks $1495 USD Apply now
Spring 2021 6-8 weeks $1095 USD Apply now
Spring 2021 12 weeks $1495 USD Apply now