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GIPEP is an organization that aims to help students succeed in their career development by providing a meaningful, valuable global internship experience. We share your mission of providing students with the best learning and practicing opportunities. With GIPEP, students are exposed to internship opportunities in more than 10 countries, and work with our very strictly chosen company list. Students would learn in a real working environment, which will build up global awareness and develop their skills. In addition, global programs would help universities spread their fame and increase academic diversity.

To help you better understand how our program would benefit your institution and your students, we developed different programs based on the specific requirements from students. We also welcome innovative ideas. If you have other thoughts that will fit you better, we are glad to develop an exclusive plan for you and your students.

Summer/Winter internship

The summer/winter internship programs are designed for students who are willing to intern abroad during the summer or winter vacations. The length of the program is 4 weeks. We recruit 2 times a year, and the recruiting dates start on March(summer) and October(winter). There are no limitations on the number of students, and students need to choose which country/city they are willing to start their internship. After students join this program, our advisors will provide students one-on-one guidance throughout their internship application.

Expanse of exchange program

Having an internship experience while exchanging abroad is definitely an exclusive experience, which will benefit your students in the future. This program includes both part-time and full-time internships, considering different needs from students. The recruitment begins 2 months before the exchange program starts (depending on the schedule of your university), the length of the internship is decided by both employees and students.