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Who We Are

Global Internships via Professional Exchange and Partnerships or also known by the acronym: “GIPEP” is built to provide individuals from all over the world with potentially life-changing internship opportunities.

Through professional exchange and corporate partnerships in over 20 highly competitive and influential cities, GIPEP ensures a wide variety of possibilities for those interested.

What We Do

Our goal is to prepare individuals, specifically those making the difficult transition between college and a full-time career, for the professional work world, while also still encouraging fun exploration and excursion in a new environment.

We expect our interns to work hands-on with some of the most sought after companies and employers in each of our featured cities, exposing interns to networking events and real-world experiences.

We want our interns to thrive and excel in whatever it is they choose to pursue, and we believe that with the organization as a foundation, interns will understand how to go about seeking their full, untapped potential. Real world experience is our key here.

What We Value

With an expansive array of unique programs and fields to choose from, GIPEP prides itself on its diversity and welcoming cultural inclusivity. The one-on-one relationships with interns to advisors, employers to interns, and interns to interns is guaranteed to be a unique learning experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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