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Tokyo, one of our most highly requested cities, and for good reason! Tokyo has long been a major capital in the world for many different industries; technology, pop culture, cuisine, all of these and more have world class offerings to be found in Tokyo, but why is it a good choice for an internship through GIPEP? Well, that is a very good question with some very easy answers.

First off, unlike most other parts of Japan, it is far easier for a non native speaker to get around and live in Tokyo. Compared to any other region of Japan, it has the highest amount of English speakers, as many people such as yourself have converged in the capital city. Railways will give station names in both Japanese and English, most restaurants will have plastic food displays in front of the restaurant where you can see and pick out the food you want, and many of the landmark and tourist signs you come across will be written in English. All together, it is quite easy to travel and eat across Tokyo.

Tokyo is so rich in history, nightlife, and shopping opportunities that one would never see all of it in the course of one internship session, in fact, you wouldn’t even see it all over the course of 5 internship sessions! Like New York City, there is never a dull moment in Tokyo, so if you like to remain in motion and have constant access to stimulation Tokyo is the perfect destination for you.

Boasting over 35 million inhabitants, you will also find many of the world’s largest multi-national corporations having a headquarters set up in Tokyo; there is no shortage of companies looking for interns here. Almost all of our internship opportunities in Tokyo deal with English speaking companies, so it would be a like a little slice of home in a country speaking a different language.