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1. Professional Career Development
2. Cultural Exchange
3. Meet people and expand your Horizon.


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Gipep works with its global partners to find you the perfect match.


Our goal is to prepare individuals, specifically those transitioning between college and full-time career, for the professional work world, while still encouraging fun exploration and excursion in a new environment.

If you are wondering how to stand out from other candidates in the competitive job market, a global internship experience is one of the best options at your disposal. Living and working abroad will help foster the development of new skills, allow exposure to new ideas, build up global awareness, and achieve a level of personal and professional development that is sure to set you apart from your peers. Having a global internship experience is one of the most precious experiences available. While it may seem unlikely for a student to apply for an international internship without pre-existing global experience, we are here to help you at every step.

Our Happy Students

`` At first I didn’t know what to expect, working with Lance at GiPEP New York office has helped me through the process. What an incredible experience working in New York. Thank you again! ``

- Kelsey `{`Paris`}`

`` I have never travelled outside the United States until now. Visiting Accra, Ghana and interning and volunteering with a non-governmental company was an eye opening. While it took a bit to find the organization that suits my needs and finding the right accommodation, I felt at home. The people of Ghana were extremely nice. Thanks to GiPEP, I now found a purpose in life, a passion to work in countries like Ghana to help the world become a better place. ``

- Sam `{`Baltimore, MD`}`

`` OMG! I wished I could vividly share my experience working in London this past summer. First time visiting and I’m blown away. GiPEP was highly professional and very helpful in making all these possible. Working with one of the best companies while in London in my field was like icing on the cake. I recommend GiPEP all the way and hope to explore other cities through your service next summer. ``

- Irene `{`Hamilton, Canada`}`

`` When I was given this internship, I assumed that I would be running coffee errands, but instead i was giving the opportunity to take responsibility and doing real work with guidance and supervision from the professionals. I wouldn’t have found this great opportunity without the help of GiPEP. While my internship was suppose to be only 12 weeks, I have now extended it to a six months and loving every bit of it. Merci!!! ``

- susan `{`France `}`

`` This is my second internship with GiPEP. First one was in Paris working with amazing fashion company now I am back and have been placed in New York, the capital of fashion! Thank you for your continued help Liang in the GiPEP Paris office and Sue in the GiPEP New York office. ``

- Priesetta `{`Oslo, Norway`}`

`` New York, New York how much I have fallen in love with you. Thank you GiPEP for such an awesome experience. I had the opportunity to intern at a company that I feel my work was valuable, I got the hands on a experience working as a journalist. While I am no longer in New York, I still work for the company I had interned for, now as a contributing writer. Thank you a million times! ``

- Gabriel - `{`Detroit, MI`}`

`` I didn’t know anyone in the USA. Just like many others, I have had the dream to visit and live in New York. Through research online, I came across GiPEP who helped this dream possible. not only do I now live in New York city after my internship but also with with the emerging tech and fashion company with whom i interned. I am in my second year with the company and I am grateful for this experience that GiPEP and its super staff have offered me. ``

Lindly `{`Copenhagen, Denmark `}`

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Who We Are

Global Internships via Professional Exchange and Partnerships also known by the acronym: “GIPEP” is built to provide individuals from all over the world with potentially life-changing internship opportunities. Through professional exchange and corporate partnerships in over 20 highly competitive and influential cities, GIPEP ensures a wide variety of possibilities for those interested.

What We Do

Our goal is to prepare individuals, specifically those making the difficult transition between college and a full-time career, for the professional work world, while also still encouraging fun exploration and excursion in a new environment. We expect our interns to work hands-on with some of the most sought after companies and employers in each of our featured cities, exposing interns to networking events and real-world experiences.

What We Value

With an expansive array of unique programs and fields to choose from, GIPEP prides itself on its diversity and welcoming cultural inclusivity. The one-on-one relationships with interns to advisors, employers to interns, and interns to interns is guaranteed to be a unique learning experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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